How to remove fleas from your cat?

How to remove fleas from your cat?

Whether your cat goes outside or stays home, you are not protected from a flea infestation. Highly invasive, fleas can become your worst nightmare when they invade your home.

Once you detect their presence, you can eliminate and eradicate them with effective natural methods.

Natural Methods

Other than scratching all the time, there are no obvious signs that a cat is infested with fleas. The only way to tell if your cat is full of fleas is to inspect its coat with a comb.

To eliminate fleas from your cat, you use natural products such as essential oil. It is enough to use it in spray dissolved in vinegar or water. For one liter of water, put 10 to 20 drops of essential oil. The favorite places of these fleas are the neck and the part behind the ears of your cat. You should therefore concentrate more on these areas when applying the product.

Space your procedure three to five days apart to avoid skin irritation or liver saturation. You can also sprinkle salt, baking soda, or other materials on the floor. For best results, leave them on the floor for a few days before vacuuming. Be aware that only vacuuming will remove flea larvae and eggs.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you want to use Diatomaceous Earth to deworm your cat You just have to mix it with water, yogurt or milk for kittens. Put it once a day in his meal for a week, or even 30 days for best results. The amount of soil to give should depend on the size of the cat. For a kitten, a teaspoon is enough, while an adult cat needs a tablespoon.

Like baking soda, Diatomaceous Earth can be used in the same way as a dry shampoo. Rub it directly into your pet’s coat. While applying it, remember to protect your eyes and your cat’s eyes. Extremely drying, Diatomaceous Earth works very well to eliminate fleas from a cat. After several days, use a natural insecticide shampoo to wash it off.

You do the cleaning every other day for about a month. You can also sprinkle the soil directly on the pet’s living area three times a week. Put some in the litter box, on the sofa, in the basket… If you prefer to use sprayers, pour a tablespoon of this powder in a liter of water, then you mix the whole.

Anti-flea products

There are many anti-parasite products available on the market: in tablets, sprays and pipettes. In order to buy quality products, you should only buy them from a veterinary practice. However, you can buy them at the pharmacy.

In supermarkets, you can find various anti-parasite items including insect repellent shampoos and flea collars. However, they are not very effective against a colony that is already established. In case of a serious infestation, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

No matter which product you choose, it is almost impossible to remove these parasites from your cat without treating its entire environment and washing all the textiles in your home, not to mention the animal’s belongings.

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