How to choose a cat tree?

How to choose a cat tree?

There are many types of cat trees. Some are more suitable for kittens while others are suitable for larger cats. You’ll also find trees that go up to the ceiling while others are wider than they are tall.

Don’t be fooled into making an impulse purchase if you want to get the best value for your money: instead, think about the options the best cheap cat tree should offer.

What is a cat tree?

How to choose a cat tree?A cat tree usually consists of a wooden structure, complete with tunnels, hammocks, hiding places, cushions and climbing platforms. Covered with a soft fabric, this small piece of feline furniture serves as a play area as well as a comfortable den.

A cat needs to sleep, exercise and play, while honing its natural instincts. This is essential to its well-being and development. That’s why cat trees are designed to provide your pet with the comfort, exercise and play space it needs. Choose your indoor tree carefully to ensure the best experience for your little one. The furniture should be age and size appropriate.

It also needs to have places to hide so it can observe its surroundings in peace, and platforms at different heights so it can pounce like a predator. You should also choose a comfortable tree with soft hammocks, cozy cushions and a soft covering underneath the pads. Place the cat tree in a busy, well-lit room so your pet never feels alone. Cats love to watch their owners!

What are the benefits of a cat tree?

The benefits of a cat tree are numerous. Your pet can rest in the soft hammocks or on the memory foam cushions. Installed high up, it will have the pleasure of quietly observing its environment before taking a nap.

If you have several cats, this is the ideal solution to avoid fights. The cats can indeed settle on the perches at different heights to enjoy their own space. The more timid cats slip into the hiding places while the more daring ones observe the world from the top of the tree.

Scratching posts, sleeping areas, playgrounds, tunnels, ropes, the cat tree can meet all the needs of your little pet.

How to choose a cat tree and what size to choose?

If you have a large breed cat, choose a cat tree for your Main Coon that is adapted to the size of your pet. The branches must be strong enough to support the weight of a large cat landing.

Are you short on space and prefer a tree that is taller than it is wide? Choose a wall-mounted cat tree that won’t tip over.

It should have a scratching post for the cat to scratch, a hammock for comfortable naps, tunnels, platforms and hiding places. If you like to DIY, you can customize the tree with a few extra hammocks in DIY!

You also need to consider the size of your feline family. What is the maximum number of cats your original cat tree can accommodate?

If aesthetics are important to you, you should choose a designer cat tree that will blend well with the decor. There are models with exposed wooden trays that are very elegant. Others, entirely covered with soft colored plush (beige, light gray, etc.), maintain a cocooning atmosphere in the room.

How does a cat tree work?

How to choose a cat tree?A cat tree allows a feline to sharpen its claws on the specially designed spots. Whether vertical or horizontal, cat tree posts are usually covered with sisal rope. It’s the ideal solution to save your cat’s feet!

Buying cat furniture also provides a great playground for your pet. A cat needs to exercise, especially when it is young: it is essential for its well-being and psychological balance. A few hanging balls will sharpen his hunting instincts. With toys to catch, high perches, comfortable hammocks and places to hide, you’ll have a cat that feels good in its paws.

Where to place your cat tree?

It’s important to choose the right location for your home cat tree. If it doesn’t suit your royal feline, he may never climb it!

First of all, avoid placing it next to the litter box. Cats are very clean animals and don’t like to sleep next to the place where they relieve themselves.

Cats love to spend time around their owners. They can lie in bed for hours, carefully observing everything that’s going on under their noses. So you can make your kitten very happy by placing her tree in a busy room. This way, she can satisfy her curiosity while hiding in a tunnel or lounging in a hammock.

The corner by the window is also a great location. Your cat will be able to watch everything that’s going on outside and this activity will certainly occupy a large part of his day. He’ll be able to enjoy the natural light and bask in the sun’s rays. However, be careful not to leave the window open, especially if you live in an apartment.

Don’t place your cat tree next to a dresser or sofa. Your pet may use it as a prop to jump right into its hammock and you’ll soon notice scratch marks on your furniture. Also, avoid the proximity of shelves loaded with knick-knacks.

How to choose the best cat tree ?

To encourage your feline to play, climb and claw, the cat tree is the essential piece of furniture! Small or large, luxurious or inexpensive, there are cat trees for every size of apartment and every budget.

The cat tree is part of the essential accessories for the house when you decide to adopt a small feline who will have little or no access to the outside. A play area, a resting place and a scratching post, it will save you the trouble of having to deal with the sofa or torn curtains and will offer your cat a special place to perch and play happily. Your pet can thus give free rein to its natural instincts and develop its hunting skills.

To fully satisfy your feline, remember to choose a cat tree that is at least 1m high so that it feels truly elevated. When you say height, you mean stability: check that the base is wide enough not to topple over with each leap of your companion! Don’t hesitate to multiply the platforms and hiding places. It’s a real playground, where the cat should be able to play and hide according to its mood.

Once the criteria of your cat’s well-being have been taken into account, it’s up to you to choose the design of your cat tree! They come in all shapes and colors, and this is not a point to be neglected. Indeed, the cat tree should ideally be placed in the living room, where you and the whole family spend most of their time, otherwise your little companion will feel isolated and will hardly go to wear out its claws on its platforms!

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