The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, which should not be confused with the Burmese, is a short-haired cat, known for its very affectionate character towards its masters.

A cat of Asian origin…

The Burmese catThe Burmese is native of Thailand where we find trace of its presence several centuries before Jesus Christ. It is quoted in a book of poetry of Siam and the legend claims that it was a companion appreciated by Burmese monks.

At the end of the XIX century, it would have been presented in England under the name of chocolate siamese. But it is in the 30s that the breed develops, first in San Francisco, then in the rest of the United States and Europe. The breed was officially recognized as such in the 1950’s, after having been more or less confused with the Siamese for a long time.

… adapted to the oriental climate…

The Burmese is a cat of robust appearance. It is an animal with a very developed musculature, which makes it a relatively heavy cat for its size. Females usually reach 4 kg and males can weigh up to 6 kg (for a height of 30cm). We distinguish the American Burmese and the English Burmese, which is lighter than its cousin. The hips and shoulders are rounded, with a broad chest. The head is round and the muzzle short. The coat is short, fine and shiny. It is light and has very little undercoat, which allows it to withstand the high temperatures of the Southeast where it originates.

The first burmeses are of hazelnut brown to warm brown color, sable, the lower part of the body being a little lighter.

Other colors are accepted today like blue sepia, champagne or red. The eyes are always yellow and golden, large and spaced. The tail is rounded.

… and also to family life

The Burmese is an easy-going cat. It likes the company of its owners and is very affectionate. It prefers not to be left alone for too long and demands attention and petting. He likes to play with children. He is curious, intelligent (he quickly learns to open doors and drawers!), likes to have access to the outside and to climb. If he lives in an apartment, his environment must be enriched to keep him busy and allow him to flourish. He also appreciates the company of other dogs.

In summary

The Burmese cat is the ideal family cat. Its expression of kindness and gentleness make it a unique cat, appreciated by all.


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