the Birman cat

The Birman or “Sacred of Burma”: a cat whose name is still confusing. In fact, in English, it is called “Burma”, a cat breed not to be confused with the Burmese! The Birman is the result of a French breeding program dating back to the 1920s. Learn more about thisContinue Reading

The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, which should not be confused with the Burmese, is a short-haired cat, known for its very affectionate character towards its masters. A cat of Asian origin… The Burmese is native of Thailand where we find trace of its presence several centuries before Jesus Christ. It is quotedContinue Reading

For How Long Do Siamese Cats Live?

Siamese felines are best understood for their distinct, streamlined look. These quite cat’s coats can be found in a range of colors, from cream and brown to lilac or orange shades. Nevertheless, the most typical color is the silver-grey range, with blue eyes. You may not understand that ecological temperatureContinue Reading