Adopting a cat in a cattery: What to look for before choosing a cattery?

Adopting a cat in a cattery: What to look for before choosing a cattery?

The cattery represents the ideal and even recommended place for people wishing to adopt a healthy cat.

However, successfully choosing a reliable breeder from the multitude that exists can be much more complicated than expected.

To help you easily find the right breeder for you, we present here the essential criteria to be absolutely taken into account.

The type of breeding : professional or family ?

For adoption in a cattery you generally have the choice between two options: professional breeding and family breeding. In the case of a professional cattery, the breeder generally has a structure exclusively dedicated to the activity. Moreover, the number of animals is more important, focused on one or several breeds.

In the case of a family or amateur breeding on the other hand, you will notice that the kittens are more often raised at home and in smaller numbers. They are in permanent contact with the family of which they are an integral part.

That it is within the framework of a professional breeding or family know that there is possibility of finding serious and impassioned stockbreeders. But also unreliable people, motivated by the search for profit. It is up to you to choose the type of breeding which seems to you the best, without skimping on a minimum of objective criteria.

The reputation and reliability of the breeder

The creation of a cattery as well as the profession of breeder is not improvised. The breeder must imperatively have a certificate of capacity, a breeding affix, and be declared to veterinary institutions among others.

But the good breeder must above all have a good reputation and be trustworthy. Make sure you get as much information about the breeder as possible before you decide. If the breeder has an online showcase, don’t hesitate to refer to the opinions and comments of previous owners who had to adopt from the breeder.

Note that in general, good breeders are listed on breed clubs and cat associations. They are also listed in the list of trustworthy breeders drawn up by the LOOF and published on its official website to simplify the task for future owners.

Breeding conditions

The conditions under which kittens are raised is a crucial criterion in choosing the best cat cattery. Their appreciation is based on a set of questions to which you must obtain real and satisfactory answers:

  • The environment in which the kittens are raised
  • The cleanliness and hygiene of the breeding premises
  • The manner in which kittens are raised
  • The number of kittens
  • The general condition of the animals in the cattery
  • The socialization of kittens
  • The type of food used…

You should know that there is no better way to appreciate the conditions of the farm than by making a physical visit to the premises to observe the environment and the way the farm is run.

The medical follow-up and the pedigree of the kittens

The medical and veterinary follow-up of the kittens is another essential point not to be neglected. The serious and reliable breeder must be able to present you (spontaneously) all the booklets, certificates and other medical documents attesting to the good health of his animals: vaccination follow-up, deworming, screening tests of the parents…

In addition, if the kittens known as pedigree cats, The breeder must present you a pedigree LOOF certifying their origin and pedigree.

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